Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Morning

It looks like it is going to be another beautiful day!  The sun is shining and the temperatures are supposed to reach the 60's again.  What are you making for breakfast today?   I'm going to start my day with some gluten free blueberry pancakes !  Bob's Red Mill Pancake Mix works well for me.  When making gluten free batters it is important to mix well.  Unlike regular wheat flour, which has gluten of course, it becomes a better pancake batter if you beat it with a mixer for a few minutes.  I had to change my mindset about that when I first started making gluten free baked goods.  I was used to "mix until just moistened".  The first couple of times I made muffins they were like lead balloons.  Now I know it is important to mix (I use a mixer for all gluten free baking)  well, and for a longer amount of time .  I'll be making some gluten free cupcakes today to bring to my Mom's.  Chocolate is my specialty.  For those of you who are vegan, my recipe contains no dairy or eggs.   They are the consistency of devil dogs and are especially good with mocha frosting. If you like devil dogs you can make them with a marshmallow cream frosting.  Yummmmmm.   If you would like to try some of my cupcakes send me an email at  .      Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!


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